Praise for Snow Sanctuary

“I loved the novel! What amazing characters and images you’ve created, and what a complicated story laced with kindness, treachery, innocence and its loss.”

Susie Tomkins  teacher, editor


“This ski racing saga takes us back to the 70’s, but it couldn’t be more timely. It’s a well-told “Me Too” story—male coaches taking advantage of young, ambitious female skiers. You need to read this!”

Susan Winthrop, ski writer and literary critic


“Skiing makes me feel free and limitless. The vivid descriptions in Snow Sanctuary capture that exact feeling.”

Ollie Olsen, avid skier, actor and script writer

“How does it feel going 70 mph on skis? What is one willing to risk or do to make the Olympic ski team? This literary novel tells all in a page-turning tale built on memorable characters. I couldn’t put it down.”

Rosie Fortna, Olympic ski racer